Nitro East Coast Invasion

This October, Nitro will take advantage of its new partnership with Subaru by touring around the Eastern U.S. and Canada. This East Coast Invasion will kick off in Burlington VT on the 16th of October. The Nitro team will be visiting local shops, handing out random stuff to make your winter a little bit better (by the way, anyone who shows us a good place to skate, eat or just hang will get more of the better stuff and less of the random stuff). Here is a loose schedule of when to expect us in your town:

17th 802, Burlington
18th Darkside, Surf the Earth, Out of Bounds Killington
19th S and W Concord NH
19th Ski Market underground, Boston MA
20th Action Sports Cheshire CT
20th Ski Market Underground, Norwalk CT
21st Blades, New York, NY
22nd Specialty Sports New Jersey
23rd Brave New World New Jersey
24th Liberty Boards Philly PA

For more information about the East Coast Invasion, including exact times that we’ll be at your local shop, go to the Nitro 06-07 website, On the Nitro website, you’ll also find information about the 06-07 line and the most current Nitro news from all around the world.