Week two of the camp was a resounding success, with all aspect of what the Nikita IcelandPark Project (IPP) has to offer tried and tested to the max. The crew who attended camefrom Norway, Austria, USA, UK, France and Germany creating a great mix and a fantasticatmosphere both on and off the hill.

Everyone turned up late on Saturday, late but ready to ride on the first day. We woke to aperfect day and a shaped park that said ‘ride me baby’. Sessions kicked off straight awayon the big kicker, wallride and rails with all the crew testing everything in the park.

Truly exhausted after some long travels and hard riding on the first day, everyone finisheddinner and went happily to bed full of expectation for the following day. Unfortunately,overnight the weather came in and was followed by three days of strong wind and snow makingriding impossible.

Over the last 5 years the IPP has been blessed generally with great weather however onsome occasions, like anywhere in the mountains, we received a portion of bad conditionsthis year in week two.

Fortunately, here at IPP, we cater for this with alarge variety of off the mountain activities, this weekit included a trip to the hot springs at Lysuholl,exploration of some of the many caves found in thesurrounding area, a session on the triple kink streetrail in the town of Olafsvik, skate sessions on ourmini ramp outside the hostel and our own, first ever,IPP Inner Village rail session. To top off this badweather stint one of the all time IPP parties was setin motion with every guest and staff member gettingwell and truly battered with high spirits and manydifferent games involved — such as musical chairs,musical statues and the game that kicked it all off —KINGS drinking game … what a night.

When the weather cleared everyone was psyched to go riding and the sessions kicked offstraight away on every object on a perfect Icelandic day with clearskies and no wind. The whole crew was keen to get as much riding in as possible so a nightsession was organised for the following sunrise — IT WAS EPIC.

A long lie was taken by all the following morningafter the late night (most people went to bed at630am) and an afternoon session was called.Tired legs meant that jibbing was the option ofthe day and much fun was had. Team America(the crew that received their place throughwinning the Nikita Chikita Showdown which washeld over in Bear Mtn last winter) all decided toget in the water and headed off for a surf andeach of them caught a wave — there were manysmiles.

The week ended with the IPP BBQ and fire on the beachwhich went on into the early hours of the morning andproved to be a very memorable occasion for crewmembers and guests alike.

Everyone departed on Saturday with crankinghangovers, those on the later departures managed tosneak in an extra session with some heading up for afinal ride in the park while others decided to get their feet wet with some surfing action, thewaves were perfect and water was cold but that stopped no-one.

Week three is starting and the new guests arriving as I write this, it’s going to be a great week.

Our final week is running from the 3rd-10th June and there are still places left at the camp.With over 4m of snow base still to go the conditions are guaranteed to be good and believeme, its nothing like any other camps final week — this is going to rip. For more informationcheck out www.icelandparkproject.com or get in touch through icelandpark@hotmail.com

Hopefully we will see you out here. Take it easy, Graham, Rob and Bjarni.