Nidecker Launches New Website

Only days away from the SIA pre-season show in Vegas, NideckerSnowboards, Europe’s leading manufacturer of snowboards andsnowboard-related accessories launches a new web site dedicated solelyto its 2000 line.

As a preview to its official US product launch inVegas, the new web site, , focuses on newtechnology behind leading Nidecker products, such as the Megalight ,andthe creative aspects behind snowboarding. The site makes full use ofMacromedia’s new Shockwave Flash plug-in which not only speeds-up accessto product information and visuals but also introduces virtual animationto the Web.

The site will be visible until summer and the launch of a new, moreconsumer-oriented, web site in August. A special e-mail info hotline isalso available to retailers and consumers in the USA wanting to find outmore about the company and its products.

Nidecker’s interactive move follows an important increase in access toits regular consumer web site which recorded over600’000 hits a month during the 98/99 winter, an average ofapproximately 20’000 effective visitors per calendar month.

The new web site is part of a move by Nidecker to increase its presencein overseas markets such as the US and Canada as well as raise interestof retailers yet unfamiliar by the brand. With the increase in overalleuropean sales, a new sales and marketing team as well as cool newriders, Nidecker is well-prepared to face the tough competition ahead inNorth America.