Nick Visconti “ReCreation” Full Video Part Coming March 7th

From Nick Visconti -- If my time in this industry has taught me anything, it is to “expect the unexpected.” In the world of action sports, extreme progression quickly devalues what was once regarded as exceptional. What does this process look like? The exceptional becomes the expected, the expected becomes the standard, and the standard becomes monotonous and mundane. How then does a media platform, endemic brand, or professional snowboarder assault this vicious cycle? Do what is unexpected.

This season I have been working on an exclusive TransWorld SNOWboarding web-series and video project with intent to fuse web, video and print media. However, due to some unexpected events and the limited snow season, this project has been reinvented. My full rail video part Nick Visconti’s “ReCreation,” hosted by TransWorld, and proudly presented by Arbor Snowboards and Arnette Eyewear will be released at the pinnacle of snowboard web traffic, March 7th. The release will shock and startle those viewers whose minds are limited by tradition.

Let us, together, “ReCreate” the established, anti-climatic, and ultimately expected ideas of what video parts should be. For more information regarding my, end of the winter (not end of the season), full part release and the marketing campaign, web-videos, interviews and seasonal recaps that will follow, please go to