News From The Bonfire Movie Tour

PORTLAND ORE. (October 7, 2008)—The Bonfire Movie Tour, presented by Bonfire Snowboarding and Monster Energy has officially kicked off with two back to back stops in Portland and Seattle.  Combined, the premieres raised nearly $1,700 for Boarding for Breast Cancer and gave away a ton of prizes in the process.

The Portland Premiere started things off with Runway Films' hit new movie See What I See, followed by Pirates Productions' Overseas. The crew from Exit Real World helped fill the house and raise the cash.  Four kegs turned the premiere into a dance party despite the influence of several Portland residents observing "Sober October."

Runway producer and Bonfire Team rider Leanne Pelosi was in attendance at both stops along with fellow producer, Jeff Keenan, riders Jamie Anderson, Raewyn Reid, and Bev Vuilleumier.  They made the drive to Seattle for the premiere at Evo, with a surf stop in Wayport.  In Seattle, Runway ladies Robin Van Gyn and Kimmy Fasani met up to complete the scene.

On the Pirates side of things, Producer and Editor Basti Balser flew in from Austria with the only stateside copy of the movie, Overseas.  The Bonfire crew was psyched to see him.  Along for the ride were Pirates Bjorn Hartweger and Dan Brisse.  In Seattle we were joined by the one and only Gigi Ruff.

Things at Evo got rolling with kegs from Pyramid and the Summit at Snoqualmie vid "Blade Shadow," which is guaranteed to entice viewers to ride their killer little resort.

Soon, Runway's movie was playing amid cheers and followed by product flying into the stoked crowd prior to the Pirates movie. Overseas showcases legit creativity and some crazy beats. It's one to grab for sure.

Thanks to Bonfire, Monster Energy, Salomon Snowboards, K2, Dakine, Pyramid, Timberline and Summit at Snoqualmie for all the free prizes including drinks, outerwear, snowboards, backpacks, passes and more. And thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in the mustache contest, leg raises, Simon Says, push ups and raffle.  It was a wild night before the after party even started.

SOS Outreach made a few new friends too. Check them out.  They help get underprivileged kids onto the snow.

When things wrapped up at Evo we sought out Taco Del Mar for some late night snacks.  This is when things started to get weird.  Roughly 30 people dressed as zombies rolled into the taco joint and pretended to eat our brains.  No joke.

We comforted each other with a dance party at the High Dive courtesy of K2.  It was all time.

Thanks goes to Northwest Salomon Rep Jason Hume for his MC skills and his grease-guzzling eco truck, which provided solid transportation for the tour around the Northwest.

Bonfire Snowboarding makes high quality outerwear for people who ride.

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