Westbeach Book: OUT WEST Exposes Canadian Shred History


Out West: Snowboarding, Westbeach and a new Canadian dream.

A cool new book just came in the mail from Canadian outerwear pioneers, Westbeach brand. Edited by legendary snowboard photographer Dano Pendygrasse, the book covers a lot of ground in a compressed package. It's a 120-page, full-color walk down memory lane. The book contains sick photos and so many stories—this is straight roots. Canadian or Gringo, you should try to check it out. According to the foreword by Pendygrasse, it is "not a story about a company, and it's not really a story about a sport." But Out West breaks down the birth and proliferation of the snowboard scene in western Canada. The pros, the tales, and the chaos that was just part of the show in B.C. in the early days. Of course the photos are classic—a list of legends too long for a web article—but they are all in there. This book fills in a lot of blanks from a very important place in snowboarding history—Almighty Canada. Hats off to Dano and Westbeach for sharing the stories and the images.

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