The Skyway Monte Bianco, a revolutionary cable car that rotates 360 degrees and travels upwards of 7,000 feet, recently opened to the public in the Aosta Valley in  Courmayeur AO, Italy. Coined “The 8th Wonder of the World” the project cost 110 Million ($121,086,750 US) and took three years to complete. The new cable car system allows for unprecedented views of the surrounding areas and gives summer visitors improved access to the Italian side of Mt. Blanc. It also allows for quicker access to the Vallees Blanche area on the French side of Mount Blanc, an area that boasts awesome terrain for snowboarding.

The loading station for the cable car resides at 4,365 feet, then rises to a mid-way point at the Pavillon Du Mont-Frety at 7,125 feet. Here a gorgeous, new lodge is outfitted with amazing glass balconies, restaurants and shops. The cable car then travels onward and upward to the top Punta Helbroner or “The Eagles Nest” at 11,371 feet. This lodge offers libation stations, and scenic terraces that provide stunning views of the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and all the picturesque surroundings.

Check out the edit above and read on for reviews of newly opened Skyway Monte Bianco. Maybe it’s time we book a shred trip to Italy.

Reviews via Skyway Mount Blanc

Recently this magnificent “funiculare” was totally updated. The views of the Mont Blanc massif are stunning. There is a very nice cafe, a museum of crystals and a 360 terrace with views and panoramas of the Italian and French alps. You can cross over to Chamonix but the funiculare is much older on the French side.Gilberto O, Miami, Florida

Absolutely a must if you are around the Courmayeur/Aosta area. The whole project of the new Skyway is a masterpiece of Italian design and engineering, with well finished details and materials, all well integrated with the natural environment, and everything designed for you to look outside and enjoy the Alps.  The cafeteria at Punta Helbronner offers good snacks, drinks, and of course coffee, at the same prices as you would have it at lower altitudes.  Also the botanical garden at Pavillon stop is worth a visit, if interested.  Punta Helbronner is accessible also from France (Chamonix), but with more difficulties, as the funiculars are a bit old and rusty.Vvdauk Southampton, United Kingdom

We stumbled across this amazing piece of engineering by accident, but oh, what a accident! Between my partner and I we have twenty-five ski seasons in the three valleys under our belts, so whatever we see needs the ‘wow factor’ to beat the things we see there. We got to the top, which in itself was breathtaking and spectacular. Though it’s not cheap, 45 euros, but worth it! remember-GaryJ160667 Manchester, United Kingdom

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The New Skyway Monte Bianco

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