Flux Bindings is continually changing and evolving to embrace the basic definition of FLUX— to fuse and make fluid. Flux continues to be specifically dedicated to naturally connecting you to the snow.

 To help us further our quest to create the best snowboard bindings in the world, we are happy to introduce the Flux team for 2013-2014.   Flux team veterans Eric Willett, Ian Sams, Scotty Vine, Erik Leon, Ryan Tarbell, Tyler Lynch, Uma Abe, Shaun Murphy, Chris Rasman, Lenny Mazzotti, Spencer Link, Blake Axelson, Tom Reilly, Zack Wilmot, and Chad Tarbell, welcome new Flux team riders Daniel Brown, Hunter Wood, Alex Hereford, Mike Gray, Justin Mulford, Jake Schaible, Keoni Kaimuloa, Mariah Dugan, Isabella Borriello, and Fancy Rutherford to the team.

 These dedicated and diverse riders will test and give feedback on new and exclusive technologies that will continue to enhance your connection to your board.  Since Flux is specifically dedicated to snowboard bindings, we work to create bindings fitted for everyone's specifications. Whether it be Eric Willett's solid contest runs, Scotty Vine's inconceivable one footed maneuvers, Chris Rasman's endless powder days, or Tyler Lynch's urban explorations, we have something for everyone and can guarantee our bindings for 13-14 are the best yet.

Check out the new website at www.Flux-Bindings.com.

See what bindings our Flux team riders are on and pick out which binding is best for you!