New Gnu Crew Hits East Coast Premieres

Gnu Riders Kyle Clancy, Danny Kass and Zach Leach return home to Vermont for Grenade Premieres. The dates are as follows:

October 4, 2002

Burlington, Vermont—Sunset Drive Inn

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—South Street Tattoo Moms

October 5, 2002

New York, New York — I Bar in Tribecca

October 6, 2002

Boston, Massachusetts—Brendon Behan Pub

October 7, 2002

Portsmouth, New Hampshire—Redhook Ale Brewery

They are also embarking on a highly organized shop tour with an undisclosed itinerary. To make contact, pick a shop and a date on the East Coast. Your guess will be as good as ours. They really like indoor ramps if it is raining……… They have a ton of crap to give out, so go find them.

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