New 05/06 Rossignol Snowboards Website launching!

In the days following the Summer Camp, the Rossignol Snowboards team is very proud to present you the brand new Rossignol Snowboards web site!

You will discover the whole boards, boots and bindings ranges available next season, with an innovative design in the background. You will also find the riders’ biographies, their interviews, some extra photos, videos and goodies to download as well as brand new headings (Trip Reports, Season’s Events, Hot Stuff, Ask The Pro…), with still more info and photos online.

Other new headings will be regularly launched throughout the season to enrich the website (ex : Ask The Pro with our pro rider Aymerick Mermoz who will give personalized advice to people to choose the right RS board).

Thanks to our newsletters, you will be informed in live about the different updates, news and new headings available on our snowboard website.

The clothing range, as part of the same snowboard universe, is being updated and will be online soon on this website.

We wish you all a very good 05-06 season!

Don’t wait any longer! Click on the link below: