Words: Justin Cote

Last weekend in Bozeman, Montana, the annual Coldsmoke Awards honored the  very best in winter adventure sports films. Taking top honors in the "Best Urban Riding" category was the Nike film Never Not Part 2. Written by former TransWorld SNOWboarding editor Joel Muzzey and directed by Per-Hampus Stalhandske, local Bozeman legend Jason Schutz was on stage to present Muzzey and Per the trophy, and the duo walked away with a cool $1,000.

"The award really should go out to the riders. They're the ones that made it happen. They did all the tricks and put in the work to make the segments…all props go to the riders," says Muzzey. "The awards were sick, too. Gotta give some props to the Coldsmoke dudes!" he adds.

About the Coldsmoke Awards

The Coldsmoke film platform was born out of a mountain community's desire to showcase its expanding artistic talent and celebrate a culture entrenched in winter. The mission is to cultivate, promote, and broadcast the ideas, imagery, and films flourishing from within and inspired by the mountain way of life. More info at www.coldsmokeawards.com


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