Neff Headwear, a leading active lifestyle brand, today announces its official partnership with the Electric Run. In collaboration with Shaun Neff, VAVi Sport and Social Club, Movember and the founders of Ragnar Relay, Neff is bringing down their colorful crew to amp up the wattage on the premier stop of this glowing event.

In the Electric Run, participants will run or walk 5 kilometers at night to the sights and sounds of an amazing world created by stage designers from Coachella, Dreamworks animators and other talented handpicked artists who've come on board to specifically design this Day-Glo wonderland. Participants are encouraged to wear bright, glowing costumes, which will electrify the landscape as the amazing effects and energizing EDM provide a live and custom-made soundtrack and light show for this incredible event. . Each light show is completely unique to the host city, incorporating natural features ranging from vibrant glowing palm trees to ethereal color-changing fountains. Runners and walkers alike will embark on this out-of-this-world experience as the displays progress when they move further along the route. The Electric Run inaugural event in Orange County made a perfect fit for Neff to step in and up the ante with their bright, colorful accessories and eclectic crew—hyping the event in their very own backyard.

“We're psyched to be on board with the first-ever Electric Run," said Shaun Neff, CEO and Founder of Neff. "We are going to create a nighttime Neff Electric Run-derland…. something unlike anyone has ever seen before. We are going to transport people to another world,”

With these elements working in conjunction (and with the help of Neff's expertise in color explosions), a new world of light and sound will illuminate the night skies across Southern California for the first stop of the Electric Run. 10,000 people are expected to participate in the inaugural event held on November 30th in Orange County at the OC Fair & Event Center at 7PM. Dallas and San Diego will follow this run in early 2013. Electronic music duo Sultan & Ned Shepard will be shooting the music video for their hit single “Walls” along the course of the event, with a performance at the finish line celebration.