Neff Featured In Stuff Magazine

As Stuff magazine lays it out in “Well Red, red is super hot this season. A two-page spread in the Nicky Hilton-clad November ’04 issue features runway models donning red fever. You’ll find a Perry Ellis red velvet suit for $540 dollars, a red Nautica jacket for $100, a Guess shirt, a Diesel belt, and lo and behold, the Neff Bat steezer cap for 20 bucks.

Neff has managed to capture a unique niche, and with their first punch to stores worldwide this winter, they’re already producing insane reactions. Neff Headwear hit the shelves of core retailers across the world and quickly sold out of many styles in more than fifteen shops the first week. The company is just starting--they have a lot in store for the future. Rock the NEFF!

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