Need health insurance? ASAG want to help.

The Action Sports Advisory Group ("ASAG") is a group of insurance professionals that was formed to assist action sports athletes with acquiring and understanding insurance policies. Jeff Suarez and Amanda Savage the founders of the ASAG have over 6 years of insurance industry experience.

With the most recent injuries to uninsured athletes, the ASAG is sending out an immediate press release to encourage all MX, FMX, BMX, Skate, Snowboard, Surfing, Snowmobile athletes to contact them in regards to getting health and disability insurance. Affordable insurance is available to all athletes no matter what you have heard in the past.

ASAG has helped their most recent FMX athlete, Robbie Maddison, get health and disability insurance at an affordable rate. Robbie was previously told he could not be insured.  The expertise of the professionals at ASAG helped Robbie through the entire process and he is now covered.

The ASAG is working together with the Athlete Recovery Fund ("ARF") and other industry relief funds to encourage and educate athletes to properly insure themselves. As more injuries occur to athletes without coverage, these relief funds will become strained as cash levels are depleted. As an on going effort to help support the action sports community, the ASAG will make annual donations to the various relief funds.

To ensure there will be assets available to assist with further relief, the ARF encourages all athletes to contact the ASAG. The ASAG will answer any and all insurance questions or concerns. Contact the ASAG today.

Action Sports Advisory Group