Celebrate The ‘Stache! With November just around the corner, it’s time we all put out best plumage on—for more than just a little lip-tickling good time.

Check out the men’s goodwill at the Movember Foundation (http://us.movemberfoundation.com/). Last year, over 250,000 men and women came together to raise an astonishing 40 million dollars for Men’s Health initiatives. Click over to the Movember website, and see how you can get involved.

Plus, you get to look like Tom Selleck for a month—while claiming your doing good work for the cause.
Now that’s a true win-win situation if there ever was one.

To help get you inspired, here’s a look at some of the best man-lip merchandise in the snowboard game.
Go for the gold. Whichever style you adapt is all on you!

Send us your best ‘Stache pics to snowmail@transworld.net.
Happy coming Movember, to all!


First Up: Sean Genovese

"The Fixie Bars" by Sean Genovese
“The Spruced Goose” by Sean Genovese

"The Joker Poker" by Zac Marben
“The Joker Poker” by Zac Marben

"Just The Gipsy Lip" by LNP
“Just The Gipsy Lip” by LNP

"The Boston Strangler" by Chris Grenier
“The Boston Strangler” by Chris Grenier

"The Solar Roller" by Mark Sollors
“The Solar Roller” by Mark Sollors

"The Frend-ly Furry" by Danny Davis
“The Frend-ly Furry” by Danny Davis

"The Inappropriate Boy Scout Counselor" by JJ Thomas
“The Inappropriate Boy Scout Counselor” by JJ Thomas

"The Super Trooper" by Cale Zima
“The Super Trooper” by Cale Zima

"The 2nd Cousin" by Forrest Bailey
“The Friendly Uncle” by Forrest Bailey

"The Grenade Van Has No Shower" by Danny Kass
“The Grenade Van Has No Shower” by Danny Kass

"The Multiple Offender" by Mark Landvik
“Registered In 48 States” by Mark Landvik

The "18, Right?" by Jonas Michilot

The "18, Right?" by Jonas Michilot

"The Rice Wrinkler" by Travis Rice

"The Rice Wrinkler" by Travis Rice. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

"The Angry Intern" by Intern Jon Hill

"The Angry Intern" by Intern Jon Hill


Does yours ‘Stache stack up? Send us the proof!