According to an article in the Muskegon Chronicle, funds are being raised to erect a statue to pay tribute to Muskegon, Michigan’s contribution to snowboarding. Muskegon is where the Snurfer was originally invented by Sherman Poppen and first ridden by his daughters.

“The piece will commemorate Muskegon’s contribution to snowboarding nearly 50 years ago. That’s when, in 1965, Sherman Poppen, the former owner of Lake Welding Supply Co. on Ottawa Street, lashed together two water skis and sent his daughters on it down the snow-covered dunes behind their home. A few modifications later and the snowboard was born.”

Snurfer Sculpture

"The sculpture, created by Jason Dreweck of Denver, Co., will depict a Snurfer at the top of a sinuous ribbon of bronze and a snowboarder at the bottom, like a run down a mountain. It also illustrates the evolution of the sport."


Read more about the fundraising efforts here.