Mt. Snow Presents the 2000 Boarderfest

Mount Snow, Vermont (February 20, 2000) – Mount Snow hosts the 2000 BudLight Boarderfest Series February 26 and 27 – a nine-resort weekend-longsnowboard series. Now also open to skiers, the event featuresprofessional and amateur men and women snowboarders and skiers competingin Ridercross and Halfpipe competitions. Saturday night is highlightedby Mount Snow’s signature event, the Mega Mother Hucker Big Air ProInvitational, where finalists jump over a live band with fireworks.Mount Snow’s Carinthia Base Area is home to this weekend of skiing andsnowboarding excitement, which includes a $10,000 cash purse for prosand prizes from sponsors Palmer, Swatch, Mountain Dew, Power Bar,Vermont Pure, Kodak, Boeri and Motorola for amateurs.

Saturday, February 2610 amà'ˆ3:30 pm — Halfpipe Competition: Skiers and Snowboarders arejudged on a combination of tricks executed in The Gut halfpipe, home tothe country’s top snowboard competitions. The Gut is located at theCarinthia Base Area. Awards are scheduled for 4:30 pm at the CarinthiaBase Area.6:00 pm — The Mega Mother Hucker Big Air Pro Invitational: Celebratingits fourth year, the Mega Mother Hucker is Mount Snow’s signaturenighttime big air invitational event. The finalists will jump over alive band – complete with fireworks overhead – as they battle for the$1,000 winner-take-all cash purse for each discipline (skiing andsnowboarding). Location: Inferno park, Carinthia.

Sunday, February 2711:00 am — The Ridercross Competition: The Ridercross competition islocated on the Swatch/PalmerX park at Carinthia and consists of a mazeof banks, rollers and jumps that wind their way to a big air finish.Four skiers/snowboarders at a time jockey for the lead in this head tohead, motocross-style race. The winners of each heat continue toadvance until the final heat, which determines the winner. Awards arescheduled for 4:30 pm at the Carinthia Base Area.

Bud Light Boarderfest Registration InformationRegistration and check-in for Halfpipe and Ridercross is located on thefirst floor of the Carinthia Base Lodge during the following times:-Saturday, February 26, 8-9 am-Sunday, February 27, 8-9 am

Athletes can also pre-register online at The Mega MotherHucker is an invite only event.