From Mt. Snow:

We turned on the most powerful snowmaking system in the Northeast and started making snow last night around 9 p.m. and with that winter has returned to the Green Mountains of Vermont. As you might remember, we just finished a $30M upgrade to our snowmaking system at the start of last season, which doubled our capacity to make snow and increased our water storage six-fold, and once again it's paying off BIG!

Right now we are making snow on 4 trails, utilizing 133 snowguns, and pumping roughly 5,000 gpm of water. This includes making snow top-to-bottom on two of our trails. The plan is to run as long as we have the temps and then hit it hard again next week once it cools back off.

Opening date: TBA as of right now. We'd rather wait and open with several great trails and good conditions, rather than rush to have one trail just in the name of being crowed “the first”.

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