Five More Days To Get Mt. Hood Meadow's 4X4 Season's Pass Deal!

The deadline to cash in on Meadows' phenomenal group deals is fast approaching. The special 4×4, 3×3, 2×2 and Group of 10 – 10 Time Pass expire at the end of this week—November 16. Get to and get signed up!

And while you're there, check out the Meadows Blog to see progress on a bunch of new improvements being implemented by the resort, including opening 160 acres of expert terrain accessed through a gated basis in the "S&R" Cliffs. It's called Search and Rescue Cliffs for a reason – it's gnarly in there, thick trees, cliff outcroppings, steep drop offs. It is definitely double black diamond expert terrain that only the best snowboarders should venture into. We suggest heading out there with a partner and carrying a beacon, probe, and shovel and the knowledge to use them. And as always obey the closures.

There's also an additional 20 acres of terrain to the skier's right of Tamarack off of Hood River Express opening, as well. This is very steep tree skiing – the name is "Far Right Trees" or FRight Trees for short.
Also, our plans to have a military weapon for avalanche control in Heather Canyon march forward. The platform has been constructed and the Howitzer is on property. Training will proceed and if all goes as planned we should have the Howitzer ready for control work this season. The weapon will allow for a higher level of safety for our patrol staff, which in the past has had to deliver the explosives by hand. The Howitzer will make the delivery of explosives more efficient which should lead to more consistent operations in Heather Canyon.

For more information, head to (here).