Mt. Hood Meadows Opens with the first documented halfpipe in the North America?

Meadows debuted its mini-halfpipe Friday, opening day for the 05/06 season. Opening with a 32 inch base and almost a week of preparation, the park groomers and staff treated freestylers with an arsenal of rails and a couple of never ever seen before features. Terrain Park Manager Jason Stenkavich describes what the crew whipped up for opening. “In the Zoo we have four beginner rails and one 20 ft table top. In the Ballpark rail park we have 13 beginner and intermediate rails. At the bottom of City Park there is a 4 rail mini-quarter pipe re-entry feature called ‘The Island’. The rails on this feature are set as up rails with a mini-quarter pipe at the top. Riders slide up the rails, then hit the mini quarter pipe, then slide back down the same rails. And to top it off, we have what could be North America’s first half pipe of the season – a 100 foot long, 6 foot high mini-pipe at the bottom of The Zoo!”

Meadows is open 9 am – 4 pm daily with 7 lifts in operation this weekend including four high speed quads.