Mt. High Opens Nov. 27/28

Wrightwood, CA—Snowmaking began early Friday morning at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood. The area has already made five to ten inches of new snow on several trails at its West Resort and operations are expected to continue throughout the week. Mountain High is traditionally the first resort to open in Southern California and this year should be no exception. Resort operators are calling for a tentative opening date of Monday, November 27th, or Tuesday, November 28th, depending on how much snow they are able to produce over the next two nights.

To ensure consistent conditions, Mountain High retrofitted 75 of its traditional snowguns over the summer and purchased several more energy-efficient fan guns. The area can now make 30% more snow across its East and West Resorts, and do so using less energy. This is extremely important during seasons like this when it is necessary to open quickly and confidently.

Says John McColly, Director of Marketing, “Snowmaking conditions have been good and they are only getting better. Temperatures are expected to drop over the next several days and there is even the possibility of light snow showers on Monday.

Mountain High has one of the largest snowmaking systems in the country and, on a good night, can make enough snow to cover a one mile stretch of the 405 freeway with a foot of new snow. Operations are currently underway and expected to continue this evening and tomorrow morning. If you would like to take pictures or shoot video for a winter story, we would be more than happy to accommodate you. For more information, please contact John McColly, Director of Marketing, at (760) 316-7803 or