This Mountainside Collapsed in the Swiss Alps Causing Damage and Destruction

Many reports are calling it a ticking time bomb, as last week, the north east face of Piz Cengalo mountain in Val Bregaglia, spontaneously crumbled and slid into the unsuspecting village of Bondo.

According to Swiss authorities, an estimated 4 million cubic meters of rock and debris crumbled from the face, and rushed into the village below.

Though though the exact timing of this slide couldn't be determined, scientists knew of the potential danger and warned it could be coming.

According to a story on the slide on, "For several years, scientists have warned of a heightened risk of rockslides in Switzerland as rising temperatures thaw permafrost and melt glaciers. In the case of Piz Cengalo, the rockslide was caused by natural erosion forming fissures that allowed water to seep into the mountain. This effect is magnified when there are larger temperature differences between winter and summer, causing the water to turn to ice and then melt."

Check out the before and after video of the slide here:

Reports say eight people remain missing. We'll update this story as we know more.

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