Mountain High’s Safety Week Plans

Mountain High Resort is excited aboutthis year’s National Safety Week and plans to increase its annualparticipation to include scavenger hunts, ski & snowboard races, safetyoriented discounts and more. Produced by the National Ski AreasAssociation, National Safety Week is designed to creatively promoteskiing & snowboarding safety plus increase the awareness of YourResponsibility Code. “National Safety Week is a lot of fun plus ithelps us accentuate the programs we have in place all season long,” saysRick Strasser, a member of the resort’s Risk Management department.

Following is a list of safety related events being held throughout theweek:

January 16th through January 19, 2001
Safety Week Discount: Wear a helmet and get $5.00 off an 8-hour liftticket, regularly $35.00. To receive this discount, guests must presenttheir helmet to any one of the resort’s friendly hosts and get aNational Safety Week coupon prior to visiting the ticket windows.

January 13th through January 19th, 2001
Safety Poster Contest: Students of the resort’s Children’s Academy,local elementary schools and the mountain’s After School Ski Adventure(ASSA) program will be asked to create a poster related to any one ofthe seven points in Your Responsibility Code. Contestants are allowedto use pencil, crayon, paint or other materials commonly found inschools. Posters may be created a single individual or as a project byno more than three. Categories will be divided into ages four to eightand nine to twelve. Winners in both categories will receive a 2001/2002Anytime Season Pass.

January 13th, 2001
Scavenger Hunt: Search for safety related products with Patroller, RickStrasser, and his Rescue Dog, Sequoia. Prizes will be awarded to thetop finishers.

Meet the Ranger: Meet one of the rangers from the Angeles NationalForest and discuss local winter recreation and safety.

January 14th, 2001
Safety Race: Race down a NASTAR style course on Easy Street, one of themountain’s beginner runs. To compete, participants must recite theseven points of Your Responsibility Code at the start, at the finish andone at each of the course’s seven gates. Prizes will be awarded to thetop finishers.

January 16th, 2001
Most Turns Contest: Awards will be given to those who can make the mostcontrolled turns down Easy Street, one of the mountain’s beginner runs.Open to skiers and snowboarders.

January 17th, 2001
Repair Special: Bring your skis or snowboard to the Repair Shop at theWest Resort from 8:00am to 4:00pm for a 25% discount on hot waxes andedge sharpening.

January 18th, 2001
Scavenger Hunt: Search for safety related products with Patroller, RickStrasser, and his Rescue Dog, Sequoia. Prizes will be awarded to thetop finishers.

January 19th, 2001
School Responsibility Code Relay Race: Race teams from other schools towin the Responsibility Code School Trophy.

1. Free visual equipment safety checks in the Repair Shop at the WestResort from 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.2. Tips From the Pros: Meet with one of the mountain’s experienced Skior Snowboard School instructors for a quick critique.3. Tips From the Faultline Terrain Park Staff: Meet with a member ofour terrain park staff for safety tips on the use of terrain features.4. Safety Prize Patrol: Special prizes will be given to persons skiingand snowboarding responsibly.

Mountain High’s promotion of safety and Your Responsibility Codetranscends this single week, however. On any given day you will findmembers of the resort’s Ski Patrol, Safety Patrol, Trail Crew and Hostprogram monitoring the slopes and promoting responsible riding. Thearea also teaches roughly 30,000 new skiers & snowboarders each seasonand every one of them is taught Your Responsibility Code. Says BradWilson, Director of Marketing, “We are proud to provide a safe and funwinter experience and hope everyone has a chance to visit their localmountains this season.”

>For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact RickStrasser at (760) 249-5808, ext. 165 or John McColly at (760) 249-5808,ext. 231.