Mountain High’s History-Making Season

Wrightwood, CA ¿ May 2, 2001 ¿ If you were to name the most popular resorts in the country or the ski areas open the greatest number of hours, Mountain High Resort in Southern California would likely not be on your list. But it should be!

Close to 600,000 skiers and snowboarders visited Mountain High this year making it one of the top 12 resorts in the nation with greater attendance levels than well-known areas such as Telluride, Jackson Hole or Sun Valley. The tremendous season set not only a personal record for the mountain but broke the region’s all-time attendance record of 560,000, established in 1997/98.

Mountain High is now Southern California’s new market leader with more visits this year than any other local resort in history. “Without a doubt, this has been Mountain High’s greatest season ever,” proclaimed Brad Wilson, Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing. “And we did it without the huge capital infusions that usually accompany this kind of growth.”

So why did skiers and snowboarders turn out in such record numbers? The winter’s extensive snowfall may have been a factor but Mountain High was seeing staggering attendance levels long before the first snowflakes began falling in January. November and December were both record months for the resort, as were the Christmas holidays, so while natural snow contributed, the season’s momentum was generated long before.

“Creative marketing, quality guest service and a commitment to our on-hill product were strong factors in our success,” stated Wilson. “Our snowboarding market also responded well to the improvements we made in our terrain parks.”

Snowboarding represents more than 80% of Mountain High’s business putting a profound importance on terrain features. This year the resort stepped up their program to include parks for every level of rider and they offered fun, exciting features from opening day to closing. For the fourth year in a row, Mountain High was the first resort to open and last to close in Southern California. This year its season spanned an incredible 180 days and crossed into seven different months. It was the longest in Mountain High’s history and one of the top 10 longest seasons in the country. And because Mountain High offers night skiing seven-nights-a-week, it was open more hours this year than any other resort in the United States, barring glacier serviced areas.

Since 1997/98, Mountain High has been the fastest growing resort in the country and this year they stepped onto the nation’s stage. From popularity to profitability, the Southern California resort is now one of the strongest in North America and they are excited about the future. Their role has changed from follower to leader and this summer they expect to make many improvements that will enhance both the mountain and the guest’s experience.

“I always knew Mountain High had the potential to be the market leader,” claims Karl Kapuscinski, General Manager. “The work we have done is fantastic and we look forward to providing our guests with an even greater winter experience next season.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact John McColly, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, at (760) 249-5808, ext. 231.