There’s still some snow on the ground in Southern California, so go get some riding in before it’s gone. It’s been a good season for 2010-2011 and before you know it you’re going to be jones-ing so hard for for next winter so why not get all you can right now? Spring riding is always good with less crowds, soft snow and riding in your t-shirt. Mountain High even has FREE riding and a mess of other events for their final day, Sunday April 24th. Snow Summit is open until Saturday April 23 and Mount Baldy is open for riding this Friday – Sunday with April 24th being the final day. Go ride and be home in time for Easter Dinner!


Trevor Haas and Christina Lopez. PHOTO: George Crosland


Ms Mountain High will be on hand Sunday to sign posters. Cory Cronk will likely be there too ripping as always. PHOTO: George Crosland