We challenge you to a rumble! All out—once and for all. Accept? ~ On what terms?
Whatever terms you’re callin! ~ We accept!
Time? ~ Tomorrow. After dark.
Place? The Park. The River. Under The Highway!
Weapons? Rocks! Belts. Pipes. Cans. Bricks. Bats! CLUBS! CHAINS! BOTTLES! KNIVES! GUNS!
~ Jets VS. Sharks, West Side Story (1961) ~

Getting good, right? Wrong. At this point in the movie, I’m pretty sure a lot of dancing and finger-snapping begins, and then the leader of the Jets (Sharks?) comes in and convinces everyone to do a “fair fight” with “just their skins”—fisticuffs. They all agree, 30 minutes of inane High School Musical gang ballet ensues, an embarassingly choreographed footwork/knife ‘battle’ begins, and one of the Sharks (Jets?) gets stabbed—presumably for missing his voice solo or something. Jesus, that movie sucked.


Apparently, 10th-Grade English teachers consider this to be badass.

The VERSUS rumble between Mountain Creek and Mountain High turned the rivalry scene up to new levels of intensity—thankfully, without a single two-step in sight. When the brass knuckles, wallet chains, quarter rolls, and steel-toed shuffles finally ceased, the first-ever VERSUS faceoff came to an end. The dust settled, the pit cleared, and the winner of the Mountain Creek / Mountain High battle slowly came into view.

It was a long, hard, and extremely close event, but in the very end, the tough-nosed winner is…



Mountain Creek!


Separated by just 0.7%, New Jersey slipped in and stole the top spot from their California rivals, who were leading the charge with less than a day of voting left. MC held serve in most of the on-hill categories, with wins in the Snowmaking, Summertime, Skate, and Top Features departments, but most held just a handful of votes difference. Mountain High did claim a few outright spots without a fight, with Size, Events, and Nightlife all holding strong for the West.

But the people have spoken, and Mountain Creek takes the O.G. VERSUS crown.
Well done, Jerz!

Note: Creek will, however, lose their title immediately—and without provocation—should they proceed to high-kick in a chorus line and/or battle-dance their way through Queens in celebration. And no, we’ll never forgive you for breeding that “Situation” d-bag.

Finally, congratulations to Simon Hedges of Brooklyn, NY, and Brittany Miller of Laguna Hills, CA, winners of the MC/MH ticket sweepstakes.
Simon receives a 6-pack of Mountain Creek tickets, while Brittany earns a pair from Mountain High.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for more VERSUS, coming soon!

Who would you like to see square off next?


Mountain Creek VERSUS Mountain High: Final Results

Mountain Creek – 10,518 Votes
Mountain High – 10,444 Votes

#1 Celebrity Shred Club – TIE
MC: Danny Kass, Tim Humphreys, Shayne Pospisil.
MH: Louie Vito, Marc Frank Montoya, Cory Cronk.

#2 Size 'Em Up – HIGH
MC: “167 rideable acres, 67 for park. 18 trails with top-to-bottom features-60-80 total during the peak season.”
MH: “290 acres, 150 for park. Terrain features at both East and West-over 100 during peak season.”

#3 Metro Shredual – CREEK
MC: NYC – 47 Miles – 1 Hour.
MH: LA – 90 Miles – 1.5 Hours.

#4 Nuclear Winter – CREEK
MC: “100% snowmaking-1,000 guns in total. Could fill the new Giants Stadium with a foot of snow in 24 hours.”
MH: “800 nozzles, 20 fans. Could cover a one-mile stretch of the 405 with a foot of snow overnight, or one top-to-bottom trail in under 48 hours.”

#5 Walk The Plank – HIGH
MC: Snowboarding since 1988, parks since 1995, all-park South Mountain since 2007.
MH: “We live, breathe, eat, drink, and puke snowboarding.” SoCal’s closest winter resort.

#6 Triple Threat – CREEK
MC: Water Tank Bonk, Quebec Ledge, Large Jump Line.
MH: Richter Scale, Cronk Bonk, Dance Pad

#7 Skate Or Die – CREEK
MC: Red Bull Skate Bowl in South Lodge.
MH: None onsite, but you CAN skate LA 365 days a year…

#8 Shred Happens – HIGH
MC: The 3rd Rail Jam.
MH: 12th Annual Triple Air.

#9 Slang That Shizz – HIGH
MC: “Bro… Hit that jump, bro!” “Gapers go to North!”
MH: “Yo, Dawg!” “Pwned!” “Shah-bud.” “Steezy.”

#10 P-Lot Party People – CREEK
MC: Diverse styles: Skittle Thugs, Brooklyn Hipsters, Tall Tees, and Jersey Dirt Rockers.
MH: Diverse people: 48% White, 22% Asian, 8% Hispanic, 3% Black.

#11 Snow Tired – HIGH
MC: Illegally-parked, dropped-down VW GTIs with aftermarket pipes.
MH: Fast and The Furious stock cars and Beemers-sans snow tires.

#12 Burgers, Beers, and Bros – HIGH
MC: KINK Burrito ($9) “Bee-ah? We drink straight-up liqua. Red Bull & Vodkas all night!”
MH: Mt. High Blazin’ Burger ($8.25), 24 oz. Tall Boy ($8.50).

#13 E-Team – CREEK
MC: Hosted the US Grand Prix from 2003-2006, including the US Halfpipe Team naming ceremony for the Torino Olympics.
MH: Home to industry legend, Chuck Allen. Founder of the US Amateur Snowboarding Assoc (USASA) and National Surfing Scholastic Assoc (NSSA).

#14 Summer Fun. And Stereotypes – CREEK
MC: Mountain Creek Water Park. Jersey Shore.
MH: Sunrise Disc Golf. The Hills.

#15 Night Moves – HIGH
MC: Nightriding ti 9pm, Fri and Sat until 10pm. KINK Nightclub goes off late into the wee hours.
MH: Open 7 nights until 10 pm. …Hoof it to LA, hombre.

#16 Claimin’ IT – HIGH
MC: The JibLab. MC was one of the first resorts in the country to have its own jib fabrication shop onsite.
MH: Generally the first resort to open in SoCal, and home to some great tree-riding in “The Reef”.


Who would you like to see square off next?