Mount Snow Works To Conserve Environment

Mount Snow, in partnership withthe Green Mountain National Forest Service yesterday returned a onceoccupied working winter ski trail back to nature. Mount Snowemployees were out yesterday morning through the afternoon planting1,000 Balsam Fir trees on the Upper Overbrook trail on the Main Faceof the mountain in efforts to re-vegetate the area.

“We have a great working relationship with Mount Snow,” says BruceFlewelling, Mountain Resort Specialist with the U.S. Forest Service.”We have a partnership that provides recreational opportunities tothe public in a mountain setting, while at the same time protectingthe mountain environment.”

As one of only three Vermont ski areas on U.S. Forest Service land,Mount Snow operates the ski resort under a Special Use Permit issuedby the Forest Service. “We have a total management program we’vedeveloped along with the Forest Service for conservation andprotection of the land,” says Scott Reeves, VP of Operations. “Itincludes erosion control measures, re-vegetation plans and evenaddresses the color schemes of buildings on Forest Service land sothat they fit into the landscape.”

Mount Snow is one of many ski areas that has endorsed SustainableSlopes, an environmental charter developed by the National Ski AreasAssociation (NSAA). Sustainable Slopes, a 24-page document, containsprinciples for water resources, energy conservation, wastemanagement and reduction, fish and wildlife, wetlands, air quality,visual quality, transportation, education and outreach, forest andvegetative management as well as the planning, design andconstruction of ski trails. Many organizations have signed on aspartners to Sustainable Slopes, including the Forest Service. Formore information on the Sustainable Slopes program see the NSAA website at

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