Morgan Lafonte Joins Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards, purveyors wood topped snowboards, recently announced a proud new addition to their Ambassador Team ¿ Morgan Lafonte. Morgan, who’s been riding since 1982, is undisputedly one of the most charging female riders of all time. Beyond all her contest wins, Lafonte is an icon for her style and go-for-it attitude; in fact, she won a Transworld Snowboarding magazine award for “Biggest Cajones”. Whether stomping a double back in her signature lace brassiere or pointing it past her sluff on mega-steeps in Alaska, Lafonte does it all as part of a grander lifestyle pursuit.

Not taking any of it too seriously, Morgan lists having a Signature Finger Snowboard Model as one of her career highlights. Or being a featured snowboarder in Sony’s Play Station video game. But her list of film, television, print and overall career accomplishments could fill many pages. Morgan and her “play hard or go home” message recently went prime time on NBC’s Date Line where she was the featured athlete on a segment about adrenaline junkies. And a testament to her character ¿ all her career competition earnings have been donated to charity.

Growing weary of snowboarding’s increasingly corporate inner-workings, Morgan has chosen to ride for Arbor because this small, roots-driven business remains passionately focused on the riding experience and on building excellent boards ¿ period.

For Morgan it’s about living life the fullest. In the process she hopes that young women (and men) consider her to be a responsible, caring and ripping role model. In her own words she sums it up, ” I plan on snowboarding till the wheels fall off. Peace out, Morgan.”