Didn’t find all the info you needed in the 2002 Snowboard Travel Guide? Here’s the rest of the scoop on Montana’s Big Mountain.

Big Mountain, Montana
By Annie Fast


The town of Whitefish sits eight miles down the hill¿there’s no snowboard scene, just a bunch of ski bums, bars, and the occasional underground party. Stop by Stumptown Snowboard Shop and find out what’s going on.


You can stay up at the mountain at the Hibernation House for cheap or down in the town of Whitefish nine miles away. To avoid a DUI, you could stay at The Village Loft, right next to The Palace Bar, or at your basic Best Western.

Town Food

The Bulldog Saloon takes Canadian funds for drinks and has the Turkey Philly. The Great Northern Brewing Company has plenty of choices for grub, but beware of the house band, you can set your watch by their Hall & Oates tunes. Kevin at the Great Northern runs the Black Star Brewery tasting room (good call). For breakfast, try the Buffalo Café. Good luck finding any veggie-friendly food.


The Dire Wolf is on the way home from the mountain and has good specials on snow days. Whitefish has a bunch of bars to discover, and The Remington is the clubbiest of the group.


As of this date, there are no local skateparks. There are a few ramps and an outdoor skatepark might be going up in nearby Columbia Falls. Check with www.skate-ramps.com, a local company that sells life-size template plans for halfpipes and skateparks.