For the third year in a row, the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, featured a Junior Halfpipe competition. This was the first year that it was held on a separate day from the main event, and featured the largest field of 14-and-under competitors yet. And these kids ripped.

Actually, one youngster wasn’t allowed, and that was Shawn White, because he now competes regularly on the pro tour, but that didn’t stop his sister Kari from taking the women’s side. In fact, it was sort of a family affair in the girls’ side, with Hannah Teter, huge-boosting Abe Teter’s younger sister, taking second. Lauren Whalley took third.

On the boys’ side, Patrick Moore came from behind in the 30-minute jam format, which was the same as the pro pipe contest, to take first place ahead of Canadian Renaud Belisle and Cody Rosenthal.

The thirteen-year-old Moore put together a run that could have been in the pro finals. “I did a method, air to fakie, cab 3, frontside five, alley-oop indy, to frontside three to switch alley-oop mactwist.”

The Junior event is going to help bring along a whole new crew of halfpipe specialists in the U.S., especially when Canadians took the top spots in the pro divisions.

Moore was happy to be in his second Open. “It’s just plain fun,” he said. “The pipe yesterday was sick.”

Sixth-place finisher Ashley Nice¿who goes to school at Stratton, but is from Cleveland, Ohio¿was stoked to be in the Open. “It’s fun,” she said. “It’s awesome to see all the riders, and it’s even better to compete against them.”

Boys Junior Pipe Finals
1. Patrick Moore 67.4
2. Renaud Belisle 67.2
3. Cody Rosenthal 66.5
4. Jak Blauvelt 65
5. Adam Dyroff 64.3
6. Mike Schwarz 57.9
7. Trevor Pospisil 57.8
8. Shayne Pospisil 57.5
9. Michael Goldschmidt 54.8
10. Eric Steinhauer 51.1

Girls Junior Pipe Finals
1. Kari White 56.3
2. Hannah Teter 51.7
3. Lauren Whalley 42.5
4. Annie Finnegan 40.6
5. Eliza Greene 30.2