Milo Hosts Three Nights Of SLC Premieres

For three nights in a row this weekend, the Salt Lake City-based Milosport is premiering a total of six different snowboard videos.

The first night (Thursday, September 12) will be Pulse and Wildcates, with Devun, Jer, and maybe JP Walker, along with the Milo team, attending to sign autographs and hype things up. Jer will be the MC.

On Friday night (September 13), Happy Hour and Vivid will grace the screen, with Whitey’s crew in attendance. Marc Frank Montoya will be on the mic this night, getting the crew amped up.

Saturday night’s films will be Gen Pop and Afterbang, with Travis MCing for the night. Milo hopes to have 1,200 in attendance each night. Now that’s a premiere schedule!