Mike Parillo: Watch What You See


Observations and notations from current events, personalities, and places invoke a new series of paintings and mixed media work from Wyoming based artist Mike Parillo. Parillo’s report on the now comes in fragmented groups of work within one major body. Watch what you see is a social commentary conveying the artist’s fascination with various symbolic icons, locations and ideas from contemporary culture that have an indefinite resonating affect on his vision of the current global landscape.

Coming off the success of a sellout show in October at 210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach; Parillo returns to Laguna with new ammo, a concentrated fervor, and explosive, new large and medium scale works. Parillo produces an exciting display on the random and a unique point of view on our society and culture. Conceptual pieces, portraits and Parillo’s notable mixed media pieces make up the main fragments in this new collection of work.

CES/FA Showroom and Studio

2097 B Laguna Canyon Rd.

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

May 20th-June 20th, 2011

Artist Reception: 6pm-10pm, May 20th, 2011

Show will be open Saturday 5.21.11 and Sunday 5.22.11 from 12pm-6pm.

Showroom Hours: By Appointment


An icon in the snowboarding community, Mike Parillo has been contributing art and inspiration to famously creative companies like Volcom and Lib Technologies for two decades. His personal artistic endeavors convey a soul-searching journey through reality and beyond. Parillo’s work accesses extraordinary depth in an effort to map the less traveled intricacies of human existence. He manages to capture an essence of introspective awareness that sets the stage for true-life adventure. For more on Mike Parillo and to view his work visit: www.MikeParillo.com. Mike Parillo is exclusively represented by CES/FA


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