Mike Parillo 210 AR4T Show Photos and Video

“Mike Parillo: Straight To The Head …” By Jesse Fulton

Alex Lopez, Mike Parillo, Billy and BLANK Anderson

Alex Lopez, Mike Parillo, Billy and Sarah Anderson. ALL PHOTOS: Jesse Fulton & Sarah Torrey

The SoCal heat couldn’t stop the 210 AR4T Space from coming alive with snowboarders this past Saturday, with the opening night party for Mike Parillo’s “Straight To The Head” art show. Best known for his work with Volcom and Lib Tech, especially with Travis Rice’s pro models and his art cameo in That’s It That’s All, Mike’s been riding his snowboard and creating world-class for well over 20 years. The exhibit runs October 2nd - November 14th, with the First Thursday Art Walk taking place October 7th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

If you’re in the area, head down to 210 North Pacific Highway in Laguna, CA,
or click over to: ar4t.com/210-ar4t-space.
For more of Mike’s work, check his personal website at mikeparillo.com. ~ AH

“Another Love Story”
"Roper Dope"
“Roper Dope”
Travis Rice 2012... Leaked, son!
Travis Rice 2012… Leaked, son!
"The Garden" is the snowboarder's version of "Hoop Dreams". Only way, way better.
“The Garden” is the snowboarder’s version of “Hoop Dreams”. Only way, way better.
"That's my kind of art show." -- Anonymous...

“An icon in the snowboard universe, the legendary Mike Parillo is respected as one of the leading artistic visionaries of the action sports industry. Mike has contributed substantial inspiration and essential work to major companies like Volcom and Lib Technologies for two decades. His personal artistic endeavor conveys a soul-searching journey through reality and beyond. Parillo accesses extraordinary depth; his work maps the less traveled intricacies of our existence. Using symbols and visions from personal and universal human experience, he captures an essence of introspective awareness and sets a stage for true-life adventure. Total Fantasy / Absolute Reality.

In Straight to the Head, Parillo showcases new mixed media work from 2010. Using modern digital technology and academic painting techniques, Mike creates dramatic, colorful explosions conveying unique experiences, narratives and predictions. Be prepared to be amazed.” ~ 210 AR4T

About 210 AR4T Space:
A collaborative art experiment between The JLA Project, art advocate AR4T, and artists, photographers, designers, forward thinkers, and community organizers of today who are shaping the face of tomorrow.

Hypothesis: providing a place to show new art will inspire creation and movement.
Materials: walls, lights, music, new monthly showings, artist receptions, first thursday art walks, independent film nights, and other components yet to be discovered.
Procedure: join forces with artists, people and the existing galleries in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities in a united front for the support of ART.