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Mike Basich’s Legendary Yeti Costume On eBay

Want to own a small piece of snowboarding history? Mike Basich recently posted his Yeti costume from his GoPro commercial in 2013, as well as his self portrait book, The Frozen Chase. The suit just made a recent resurgence into popularity as a possible character choice in the new video game Steep. It seems like the snowboarding legend turned photographer Basich is always in our feed. Whether it is because of his chairlift equipped home, his snowboarding exploits, or jumping out of helicopter for one of the gnarliest selfies of all time, Basich is a boss. Now you can own this boss suit. At the time of this story, the ebay post was only at $405.00! Talk about a steal. Video and link to eBay post below.

Yeti Mike Basich Snow Ebay Sale

It is all in the details.

Find a hand to hold on e-Bae.

Mike Basich Steep Video Game Yeti Suit

Basich selfies are legendary.

Check out the post on eBay here!

“This is great costume, it’s the original outfit in the GoPro TV commercial few years ago and the latest steep video game created a character from it. Costume has tears on rubber mask, I would think shoe goo could fix the tears to the point it would hold. Costume is complete. On one hand the fur is falling off, could use some glue. I used string to hold it on so far. Eye holes are cut out some to see better, used with goggles a lot for filming. Zipper in back to get in costume. Please look over images for wear and tear on costume.” – Mike Basich, eBay