Mike Basich Is Crafting A Dream Shred Truck

The professional powder hound seeker Mike Basich has paired up with GoPro and Clif Bar this winter to bring to life a vehicle that Mike feels may change the way some of us travel in the snow. “I have been dreaming up this rig for awhile and with selling my Van to finish the film ‘Open Space’ I felt it was time to get my welder back out.” This rig is going to suit every dream a snowboarder could ever wish for.

Mike will be documenting the process of building this rig with his GoPro HD Hero cameras so you can build your own or learn how to film yourself GoPro style down a Alaska line this April at the King of the Hill on Thompson Pass, you’ll even get the chance to learn how to make your diesel run on grease. Nicholas Woodman, CEO and president of GoPro. “The Truck Project is another example of Mike’s creative vision and commitment to the DIY life style, which is a perfect match since the GoPro products offers the DIY style of capturing your adventures and friends.” This rig is still in the works of getting finished but here is a sneak peak of it. The snowmobile isn’t on it yet but bet you can imagine where it goes. Keep a eye out for the final adventure to Alaska.