MICA is pleased to announce the addition of Seth Huot to the Snow Program. Seth will be joining the current team of Jordan Mendenhall, Will Tuddenham, Alex Andrews, Cale Zima and Sean Black. Seth is a rider we have respected and looked up to for the past 10-years while watching and anticipating his video parts.

Having the right group of riders to represent MICA has been a huge part in the growth of our brand. Seth is a great dude and we’re confident that with his addition, we are well on our way to creating one of the best teams in snowboarding. We couldn’t be more psyched for this opportunity of working with Seth and welcoming him to MICA.

I’m just stoked on brands like this, that are coming up and grassroots… that I can mold with, rather than tagging onto something else that’s already been done. -Seth Huot

Seth is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah and has spent the last season filming for the new People release, “Cheers,” which will drop this fall.

Besides MICA, Seth is currently riding for: Volcom, Northwave, Drake, Bear Mountain, Distortion Boarding and dbot 5.