After riding Technine bindings for almost 15 years MFM has joined theTechnine board program. Technine will be releasing Two MFM signature boardsfor the 08/09 season as well as two pro model bindings. This is only fittingbecause Marc is also now a key player in the management and part owner ofTechnine!

“I’m completely stoked to have MFM more deeply involved with our program. Igrew up riding with Marco and have been lucky enough to shoot photos of himmy whole photo career. To me Marco is the best snowboarder in the world andto have him riding our boards as well as to be one of my business partner’sat Technine is a dream come true. We have never been a company that justgoes out and buys riders, and have always backed a team that is a group ofsnowboarders that believe in the company and what it represents. MFM hasbelieved in us for the past 15 years and to be able to fully support hisneeds as a pro snowboarder is more then I have ever dreamed of forTechnine.-Ethan Fortier VP of Technine.

“Yeah, I’m all Technine now. Finally, I’m home where I should be. Everyoneat Technine’s been my homeboy’s forever … they’re some of the first homies Icame across back in Colorado. Before I was only reppin’ the bindings, butnow that the company is growing and I’m a partner. I get to help push myown shit!-MFM

MFM’s Pro Models compliment the new Technine Team series consisting of aline of team-designed boards by Lucas Magoon, Mark Edlund, Chris Bradshawand Eric Messier. Be sure to check out for updated team blogs and more news formTechnine.