MFM on Milosport

Long time friend of Milosport and Utah resident, Marc Frank Montoya has added Milo as another sponsor to his already long list of sponsors. We are very excited to add MFM to the roster of our heavy hitting pros. The Milosport snowboard team is the best teams around, with people like Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Seth Huot, Jon Kooley, Mikey Leblanc, Nate Bozung, Justin Bennee, Aaron Biittner, Mark Edlund and many others, representing the shop (see for full team list). It just made sense to have Marco ride for Milo, since we back Nitro, Tech 9, and Section, which are his main snow sponsors along with a long laundry list of other sponsors. Aside from being a top shredder, Marco has his hands in a few other businesses. Everyone knows about The Block Hotels, but now he is also hooked up with Mona-Vie (check out: Milosport has been around since 1984, started by Dimitrije Milovich (founder of Winterstick Snowboards), we have been supporting the snow scene ever since. For more info about Milosport go to,