The Camp of Champions and Burton Snowboards presents  a new way to learn big tricks in North America. Introducing the Mega Bag by BAGJUMP. Designed by Austrian pro snowboarders Martin Rasinger and Jocki Koeffler in cooperation with Hollywood stuntmen, the Mega Bag is an Academy Award winning Precision Stunt Airbag.  Designed to envelope the rider, even on off-center hits, it enhances the safety of landings from up to 200 feet.  Using a unique Chamber & Air Release Safety System, riders can try any trick without worrying about bad landings.  In other words, campers will learn bigger tricks faster and safer than before.
Mega Bag isn’t designed for beginners; it’s for intermediate to advanced/pro riders looking to step it up without getting worked.  The Mega Bag will be set up exclusively in the private Camp of Champions terrain park every day this summer.
Camp is almost sold out for 2008; if you haven’t signed up already get on it so you don’t miss out!