MDP’s The Neighborhood

Mack Dawg Productions, the leaders in snowboard films is once againbreaking new grounds with the way we watch snowboard videos.Introducing “THE NEIGHBORHOOD”. A new web based community full ofexclusive videos, blogs and interviews from both of MDP’s crews.

At the heart of THE NEIGHBORHOOD is the video site. We are launchingwith six videos including a bonus DCP section from Follow Me Around, avideo with Jussi Oksanen and Wille Yli-Luoma having a good time at Mt.Baker with shovels, the People crew shredding at Brighton, a How Tofrom Jussi Oksanen and more. New videos will be uploaded twice a week.

Accompanying the video site will be three blogs. One dedicated to the2007 Mack Dawg crew for Picture This. One for the 2007 People crew.And one for interviews of both crews, including the film makers aswell. There will be one new interview per week.

This is only the beginning. As the site grows new features will beadded. We are very excited about THE NEIGHBORHOOD and hope you see youthere!!!