Reno, NV – Mack Dawg Productions announces the launch of its new Website, The new content heavy site features in-depth Web videos based around 20-years of footage from featured MDP riders and legendary industry personalities.

The new Web video content includes a documentary style series called It’s My Life that depicts what the MDP riders are all about and how they got to where they are now, How To videos to teach anyone how to shred like the pros, Behind the Scenes segments that show what actually goes into making a snowboard film, and In The Moment videos for proof of all the shenanigans that go down from life on the road as a professional snowboarder.

More content includes rider and filmer blogs, photos, downloads, news, and interviews with some of the most influential riders and personalities in snowboarding. Ever tried to find songs from your favorite films in vain? Other features include music links from past MDP soundtracks with cover art and artist info available with the click of a mouse.

Designed by METAJIVE, this site is one of the most comprehensive and interactive websites in snowboarding and is continually being updated with new content, downloads, videos, and photos. will be an experience snowboard fans visit daily.

About Mack Dawg Productions: Mack Dawg Productions released its first film, Sick Boys, in 1988, and it’s first snowboard film, New Kids On The Twock, in 1990.  Since then MDP has continued to push snowboarding films to new standards. MDP is regarded as an industry leader whose goal is to produce the highest caliber films, depicting the true essence of snowboarding.