Aprapahoe Basin

The sun is out right now, but more snow is on the way! The East Wall is still open for now (as always, dependent on weather & snow conditions). Here’s a snowboarder enjoying the goods on West Vert in the North Pole area. Snowboarder: Alex Bidgood Photo Credit: Greg Morgano

Over 20 Inches of Fresh Have Dumped this Week at the Colorado Resort

Mother Nature has blessed Arapahoe Basin Resort in Colorado with over 20" of snow this week, adding to their abundant late season snowfall. The resort, situated just down the road from the Continental Divide on Loveland Pass, has a summit elevation of 13,050' and has had a hell of a spring storm cycle.

Over 82" of fresh pow has dumped since April 16th. This late season snowfall is keeping the shred dream alive, as A-Basin and only two other resorts remain open in the U.S. at this time.

"This spring season has been great; we just had a crazy 19" storm which refreshed things nicely,” said Aaron Smiley, a local Summit County snowboarder. “I rode A-Basin after that storm and it was actually super busy. They had the East Wall was open, so I hiked that a bunch to avoid the crowds and get the pow.”

We reached out to Leigh Hierholzer from A-Basin for her insight into these late season snowfall and what conditions are actually like in Colorado.

How rare is it for there to be this much pow in May at A-Basin? 

It can be pretty common. That’s why we say, “never say never,” and that the end of the season is always an unknown this time of year. Sometimes we get lucky and a few amazing spring storms come in and we get to ski through June and sometimes into July.

ABasin Pow

Getting that May Pow! Photo: Arapahoe Basin

Is there any terrain that is still accessible that is usually closed by now? 

The Pali Terrain is still open, but on a day to day basis.

How has this spring season been better than average for A-Basin? 

I’d say this year is pretty good. It started snowing April 16 and we’ve received 82″ since then.  Not too bad. In that time, our base went from 41″ to 62″.

How long does A-Basin plan to stay open this year? 

We are budgeted to stay open on a daily basis through June 7.  We will evaluate the closing date as the season goes on and decide if we would extend that date depending on snow conditions and terrain available.  If we extended it, it would be for weekends only – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Any Memorial Day Weekend festivities we should be aware of?

We have our Festival of the Brewpubs on Sunday, May 24.  Here’s the link with all the great info.

It’s still out there if you want it. Where are you shredding this weekend?

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