Matt Beardmore Added to Northwave/Drake/Bakoda Pro Team

After a couple of years on the Northwave/Drake/Bakoda AM team, Matt Beardmore steps it up and joins the Pro Team. In the last four years that Matt has been pro rider, he’s been progressively coming up and consistently bettering himself in a constant stream of video parts.

Growing up in Revelstoke, BC and now residing in Whistler, Matt has been a BC native all his life. During the summers he splits his time between surfing in Hawaii, filming in Argentina and hanging out at home with his friends. This summer he intends to spend most of the time in Argentina where he’ll be prolonging his season in hopes of filming the best video part possible.

Appearing all over the place, Matt featured in this year’s Absinthe Films, Futureproof and Alterna Films, Shrediquette. In year’s past you could have witnessed him in Absinthe Films, Pop, and Alterna Films, Fastfood. Showing he’s a talent on and off the hill, Matt spends his free time riding, filming, editing, and conjuring up ideas with his friends at GNARCOREvideoplay where he is an active member in their production company.

Matt is currently working hard and pushing the sport. With his main focus on progressive, technical backcountry, Matt spends a majority of his time in the Whistler and Utah backcountry venturing and exploring for new untracked ground. Be on the look out for Matt in next year’s Absinthe and Alterna Films where he will be showing his skills on the screen.

For Matt, snowboarding is more than just progressing and having fun it’s a lifestyle and an outlet that helps him cope with everyday life. Relentless and aggressive, his ambition and passion to shred anything is what made him the perfect candidate for the newest member of the Northwave/Drake/Bakoda Pro Team. The current International Pro Team consists of riders: Mikey LeBlanc, Priscilla Levac, Patrick McCarthy, Matty Ryan, Hans Ahlund, Michael Goldschmidt, Jeff Pepperdine, Shayne Pospisil, Chanelle Sladics, Gian Simmen, Dado Buvoli and the freshest member, Matt Beardmore.