Martin Kalliola out of Finland! He did in his finale run the most beautiful Switch BS 900°. Martin earned after 15 hard rounds the Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W crown, 5.000 USD cash and a lot of coverage. Congrats Martin!

Playercode Switch BS 900° Martin Kalliola

Martin Kalliola, Lapua, Finland 204,31
Matthias Vogt, Freiburg, Germany 192,96
Michael Macho, Pfunds, Austria 190,59
Luis Gärttner, Innsbruck, Austria 158,85
Tuomas Pohjonen, Helsinki, Finland 147,24

Kristine Bezbaile, Latvia 68,05

Tuomas Pohjonen, Helsinki, Finland 147,24

Austria: Michael Macho 190,59
Czech Republic: Matias Juraj 131,37
Finland: Martin Kalliola 204,31
Germany: Matthias Vogt 192,96
Italy: Stefan Innerhofer 90,06
Slovakia: Filip Hrkl 134,05
Slovenia: Rene Strgar 144,93
Switzerland: Joaquín Boldó 69,36
UK: Colin Andrews 97,02

Friday, Warmin Up: Horsefeathers teamrider Ville Uotila, Darek Bergmann and Jan "Honza” Zajic as well as the photographer David Blazek and cameraman Vit Kratochvile already arrived one day before the final in the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai. The attendants turned in a good session and warmed up for the upcoming final at sunset. Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, only four of the ten invited riders could come – for the rest a special arrangement has been made: They could film and upload their tricks at home and hence could participate at the judging.

Saturday, Final: The motivation of Matthis Vogt (GER), Luis Gärttner (AUT), Matias Jurai (CZE) and Filip Hrkel (SVK) rose already at the collective breakfast. From 11.30 am the sun pushed its way through the clouds. Thanks to the low temperatures during the night, not only the atmosphere but also the snow conditions were ideal and provided a dignified closure of the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai.

Just having arrived on the mountain, the pro line became immediately the center of the happening. At the riders meeting we decided to hold the final at the third kicker of the triple line. Already at the second run, the Finnish Ville Uotila showed the final trick – a Switch Backside 9 – and set the bar very high for the finalists of the Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W. The final’s on! There wasn’t a time limit for the riders: After the riders acquainted themselves with the kicker, they gradually approached the 900 degree rotation. The setup inspired the participants to a real trick-flush that came to an end almost 3 hours and some reshapes later.

And it became even thicker! Afterwards, the finalists and Horsefeathers pro team riders didn’t rest, but lively showed their 9s, 10s and double backflips! To the delight of the cameraman and the photographer who could collect plenty of material! Also QFilmer Clemens Prankl has been on site and was obviously enthusiastic: "In my opinion the last weekend was the best of the season: Many popular faces, good moods and the small but nice session at the third kicker of the pro line.”

In the chill area the tunes of SUBLIME were played in the meantime; here and there the smell of barbecue ascended and thanks to the spring weather, the numerous deck chairs were occupied by the visitors.

So contest- and farewell-atmosphere dominated the weekend, as on Sunday the boxes, rails and kickers of the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai have been shredded for the last time in this season. Despite the bar-tour alias "After Contest Party” in the evening Clemens Prankl, QPhotographer Roland Haschka and the riders came together again on Sunday in the park to capture some good shots!
But the freestyle-depravation won’t last long: In about a month, on the 29th of May, the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein is opening its gates and guarantees for some legendary summer-shred sessions 2010!

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Photos: Roland Haschka, David Blazek, Helge Zirkl, Samuli Ronkanen

Playercode Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W Finale Movie