MARCH 23rd, 2017 (VANCOUVER, BC) – Vancouver's Grouse Mountain Resort was host to a week-long innovation session with Mark McMorris (CAN), Seb Toutant AKA Seb Toots (CAN), Craig McMorris (CAN), Mickey Ciccarelli (CAN), Tyler Nicholson CAN), Scotty James (AUS) and Yuki Kadono (JPN).

The custom-built course was the result of collaboration between Seb Toots, Mark and Craig McMorris, with the intention of creating a course that would allow ultimate innovation and creativity outside of what's traditionally defined as progression in snowboarding. The result is a 3-minute action clip entitled Red Bull Uncorked highlighting the best moments of these athletes hitting the custom playground. Further developing the story, CBC Sports will air a full length 30-minute behind the scenes feature on CBC-TV, putting viewers in the minds and on the boards of these athletes.

Nearing 20 years since its inaugural inclusion in the Olympics, the sport has evolved towards the direction of increased flips and spins. Super-sized elements and high-speed aerials at competitions have distracted from the origins of the winter sport. "Progression in snowboarding really requires unique terrain that challenges your abilities and technical skills," Mark explained, "Athletes are not seeking the biggest air, but the most dynamic terrain that will force them to step up their game".


Through collaboration with the team at Grouse Mountain Resort, the Red Bull Uncorked course concept dreamed up by Seb and Mark was brought to reality. The idea that began during a late night brainstorm session required over 260 hours to become the visually stunning elite terrain located on the Mountain's signature run The Cut, overlooking Vancouver.

Work on the course took place over a two-week period leading up to the athletes' arrival. Snowmaking machines supplied the area with 30-acre- feet of snow — enough to cover 30 acres with one foot of snow. In addition, the Grouse Parks team had over 600cm of snowfall received on the Mountain this season to work with in building the unique features.

The course begins with an urban-inspired section including a 10-foot shipping container and two custom-built rails before leading into a rolling knuckle and two unique jump features before concluding with a long transfer rail. Seb emphasized, "The course is meant to focus on technicality over size, which is why we added things like a gap in the takeoff of a jump." Elements on the course are designed to challenge the riders' creativity by allowing them to experiment on features not found within traditional slopestyle courses.

A scaled-down version of the 'Uncorked' course is available for the public to experience this season as long as conditions allow.


Canadians Seb and Mark handpicked a selection of athletes to test out the course at Grouse Mountain. The list of athletes appearing in the action clip shot by Anthill Films includes:

Mark McMorris (CAN),

Seb Toutant AKA Seb Toots (CAN)

Craig McMorris (CAN)

Mickey Ciccarelli (CAN)

Tyler Nicholson (CAN)

Scotty James (AUS)

Yuki Kadono (JPN)


An exclusive 30 minute behind the scenes documentary entitled "Building a Snowboarder's Dream" hosted by Craig McMorris and Olympian Karina LeBlanc will air on CBC-TV Thursday, April 6th at 7pm.

A full gallery of images from Red Bull Uncorked will be available on March 10 th , 2017 via keyword search 'UNCORKED'.