Last week Mark McMorris sustained multiple injuries after taking a hard fall while filming in the Canadian backcountry. He fractured his jaw, left arm, sustained rib fractures, a collapsed left lung, pelvis fracture, and ruptured his spleen. He was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital where he under went emergency surgery. Since then, he’s been recuperating in the hospital and has been making great progress.

We reached out to Mark's older brother, Craig McMorris, who was on the scene of the accident, on how Mark is doing. Craig was on his way to see Mark in Vancouver when we caught up with him and said Mark was recovering well and in good spirits.

How's Mark?
Mark's doing amazing.  He’s like wolverine, the kid can heal like no other.

Of all of his injuries, which is likely the worst for him?
The worst injury is a tough one. Will have to see how the healing longterm goes.

Can you tell us what happened and where?
We were in the backcountry and Mark drifted left off a feature into a tree. [He had to wait several hours before being airlifted to the hospital in Vancouver.]

You also recently recovered from an injury, what happened and how's your rehab going?
I had a compound fracture of my tib fib in the backcountry. It was gnarly and the rehab was tough, but I’m 100% now.

What's the best way to keep sane while recuperating from an injury?
The best way to keep sane is just go insane with rehab. The more you focus on the healing, the faster it goes.

This accident happened just over a year since Mark's femur injury, what can you say about your brother’s mindset in terms of getting back after it?
Mark is so focused and the hardest worker.  He is mentally so strong with this stuff.  It’s one of his greatest traits.

Check out the gallery above for a few photos Craig and Mark posted on their social channels recounting the Mark’s recovery.  

We’re glad Mark is recovering well, keep it up Sparky!

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