Mark “Deadlung” Edlund Signs With Bataleon


We're stoked to announce that we signed with Mark Edlund. Not much
introduction needed for Mark  with sick video parts in the finger on
the trigger flicks. Marks innovative riding and style fits the

snowboards so well that a lot of good things will come from this i the
near future !

Here’s what Mark had to say after the first few days riding our
Bataleon Triple Base boards !

"The boards are sooo sick! they ride even better than they seem, for
real no bullshit. duude shit feels like it has soo much pop! you can
carve up steeper more rough trannies because the contact points dig in
all hard, it feels like you can kinda cruise up whatever all buttery.
also its been really icy here (utah icy that is) because it rained for
like 2 seconds and hasnt snowed since, riding icy shit on the boards i
feel confident that i can hold my edge, and that im not gonna hook an
edge at all on a super uneven hard surface, so that part is good, also
tbt makes for some more buttery shuffles! i like how you dont have to
necessarily be on an edge and you kind jus point where ya want it to
go. seems like there you dont have to muscle things as much, at first
i was scared to ollie as hard as i could and did know what to expect
to happen with that baseshape! ahha. well as you can see i am more than pleased! YEAH4IT !"