8270 pounds of steel, 206 feet of rail, 1880 sq feet of plywood. Introducing… Mammoth Art Park.

It’s starting to snow. According to multiple weather reports the call is for snow all the way through Christmas. One of the best presents ever from that old man winter… white snow falling for days on end , with the knowledge that on that last day when the sky turns blue again we will look out to beautiful snowy peaks blasting up from the horizon. It’s an almost perfect forecast.

In California, there is a hidden gem called Mammoth Lakes. This weekend, not only could Mammoth potentially get ten to twenty feet of snow, the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area hosts the annual Night of Lights and for the first time celebrates the opening of the FIRST EVER  terrain park made by artists.

Imagine finding yourself in an art gallery on the snow with art that you not only touch, but you can ride on!? Meet the ART PARK. No resort has done something like this before – artist  curated, artist created, jib-able features built from snow and steel.

The first of three Art Parks opens just in time for Christmas on December 18, 2010 with mounds of fresh new snow fit for a king. Properly, the first Art Park features the paintings of the I AM SNOWBOARDING world art tour – collaborative works made by legendary snowboarders, skateboarders, photographers and artists in honor of Mammoth’s finest son, artist and pro snowboarder Jeffrey Lin Anderson, who passed away in 2003.

JLA left his mark on the snowboarding community and the artwork from I AM SNOWBOARDING which traveled across the country and to Japan is now being made into a massive sculpture garden you can interact with. I AM… contributing artist and Mammoth Mountain’s fabricator Dustin del Giudice has been working tirelessly to make the paintings come to life. Boxes, rails, jibs, jumps, gallery walls you can ride through…

Mammoth is where it’s at.

December 17th is the Art Park opening celebration at HYDE in The Village at Mammoth. Plane, Auto, Bus, Bike… Put your chains on and head to Mammoth this Christmas. It’s setting up to truly be the most wonderful time of the year.