M3 Team Update

Cupid’s arrow has struck yet again, and this time his victim is none other than M3 rider Gabe Taylor. On September 18, 2004 Gabe and Amanda Taylor were married in The Church on the Mountain just outside Mammoth Lakes, California. The two said their vows in front of a packed house that included fellow M3 riders Blaise Rosenthal and Mike Tobia, Dragon TM Brian Harris, Shelter’s Andy Blumberg, Planet Earth’s Matt Hammer, Grenade founder Matt Kass, and a fun mixture of family and other industry heads. After the ceremony, the festivities began at Mammoth’s Whiskey Creek. With the entire place rented for the party and free beer flowing from the taps, winter’s first snow fell outside.

In other Gabe Taylor news, the Grenade video Revenge of the Grenerds premiered during the ASR tradeshow in San Diego, and reports confirm he’s got one of the best parts in the whole show. This fact, along with Gabe’s riding going through the roof and his loyalty to M3, has prompted us to launch the GT series. The GT series is a line of boards designed to meet Gabe’s high demands for freestyle performance. There will be a limited edition run available for the ’04/’05 season, and three sizes available for ’05/’06. These boards rock and so does Gabe, so check them out.

Though it may have been the most romantic gathering that day, the Taylor wedding wasn’t the only event held September 18. Bear Mountain blew a patch of snow and hosted Hot Dogs and Hand Rails. Not wanting to miss out on some preseason shredding, M3’s Jake Devine and Greg Hahn made the trek down to Big Bear to get gnarly. And speaking of Jake Devine, if you haven’t seen Neoproto’s Everyday Something yet, get on it. Jake probably has the smoothest frontside boardslide ever on a kinked rail and the entire video is solid.