M3 Goes To Ohio

M3’s Nima Jalali, Jake Devine, and Blaise Rosenthal traveled to Kent, Ohio in early October. The occasion was a snowboard video extravaganza on October ninth at the Kent Stage. The event featured the latest releases from Hardwire Productions and NeoProto. All the local shreds came out to see their boys get crazy in Hardwire’s From Nowhere. M3 am riders went off—Trevor Cain bagged the opening section and Pat Lynch also came through with smooth action. Some Kinda Life was a hit as well. Nima Jalali nailed it down, and Jake Devine shows why he has the best style in snowboarding.

After the autograph session and product giveaway bonanza, the evening was polished off at a local bar eating cheap pizza and drinking cheaper beer … and then heading to the after party to drink even cheaper beer. This was the second time M3 has attended this annual event and it definitely goes off. Ohio kids got soul beyond the size of their mountains.